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Default Re: Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing License

R.I.'s DEM has been hitting the local haunts pretty heavy, including marinas and public launches.
Lots of folks have said they have been asked about having a license.
Nobody that I've heard about has been issued a citation as of yet.
The scuttlebutt is they will just offer warnings to educate this year. I wouldn't wager on it though. DEM is costing money at this point. Someone (politician) will eventually get the $ idea and it could change overnight.
I heard a rumor where one guy gave them a hard time and ended up in deep do-do. Heard DEM did a better looking into from recieving the hard time and nailed him on some fish. But, that's like 4th or 5th hand info, so who knows.

At least get the free NOAA. Only takes a couple minutes and the printout is instant. Better safe than sorry.

They are definately checking... and not just during the daytime.
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