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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Brinkmans Bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.
Friday April 30, 2010

I'm going to do the best of getting this report out completed but with this warm weekend coming in and all the stripers hitting in the river we have been so busy typing has been difficult. But I will try. Myself we headed to Trenton for herring early Tuesday morning. Should have stayed home. When I showed up at the ramp at 6 o'clock and there were no boats I knew there was a problem. Well the river was off color but not muddy. So I went to the marina and fished for an hours without a hit. Another boat said the day before they hit up at the bridges so I went up there. Now there were 4 boats fishing for herring and 2 hours later we had the only herring caught on the river. Anthony picked this fish up. Well several hours later there was not another fish taken. So we went up in the bridges and fished that one herring chunked up. Well we had a couple pick ups and one fished hook that was lost in the heavy current. So we went back down and jigged for herring about another hour and picked up number 2. Between the ramp fee and the gas to run up they were $25.00 herring each. Oh well. So back to Linden Avenue we went. By now the winds were blowing pretty hard but we caught the low tide coming in. Anchored up for a couple minutes we caught the first striper that was 36 inches. Then it was on. In a couple hour bite we landed two slot fish and 7 fish over the limit. One was a monster 44 inch 40 + pound fish. This was one of the biggest fish I have ever taken in the river. Length in was as big but the girth on this fish was fantastic. And the fight was the best. It took over 30 minutes to get this fish in the boat. Anthony biggest was a nice 35 inch fat fish. Well the next day I did not head up to Trenton and went right out here. Caught the tide just right but the conditions were horrible. The winds were up to 40 miles and hour and the river even got a bit more muddy. Well the best way to describe the day is that Helen may never fish we me again. We not only were cold, beat up and wet the trip home was enough to knock the fillings right out of your teeth. But we did but 3 slot fish in the boat with 2 other up to 36 inches. One perch and a catfish was the rest of the trip. All out fish were taken on herring on Tuesday and it was a mix of herring and bloodworms on Wednesday. Now on Tuesday night Jim picked up 21 stripers with only one slot fish, the rest being over the limit. He had fish up to 38 inches. All his fish were taken on herring. Pete was out on Wednesday fishing down around the Frankford Arsenal catching 20 stripers all with herring. He said again most all these fish were over the size limit. Now the biggest fish taken was off Station Avenue on Saturday that was over 50 pounds. This fish was caught with a live herring. Now I can go on and on about the stripers hitting but all I will be doing is repeating myself. Talking to guys at Trenton they are catching some fish up here but most of these fish have been 20 to 30 inches. The big fish are being caught from the Turnpike bridge down to Center City. Some of the better places to fish off shore have been Camer Street, Station Avenue, Princton Avenue, Frankford Arsenal, Nature Center right below the Tacony Bridge on the New Jersey side, behind the UPS building and off of Fort Mifland. The better places off the boats have been the Turnpike Bridge, Rancocas Creek, Tacony Bridge and Petty's Island.
Trout has still been the next best thing. The Pennypack creek did get a little high and muddy early in the week but Anthony went down on Monday and was still able to catch one brown trout with a white Rooster Tail. But over the weekend we talked to several guys that were fishing the Boulevard catching up to 8 trout with spinners, meal worms, wax worms and trout magnets. They were all telling me that there are still plenty of trout but now they are starting to pick up some smaller bass, bluegills and rock bass. They even had a big carp pick up a meal worm that was a little over 15 pounds. A few other guys have been fishing up at Pine Road telling me the holes south have been the best. They say you have to walk about a half mile but these water are seeing no pressure. These guys have picked up plenty of fish with corn, wax worms and power baits. Another great spot has been up at Lumpur Park. These guys have not only been catching good amounts of trout they have been catching some really nice fish. Dave was up on Saturday catching a 5 fish limit and did not have a trout on the stringer under 15 inches. He said there are allot of nice 15 to 20 inch trout still swimming around. Now the Pennypack will be restocked on Saturday. Levittown Lake has still been very good and the bite has still been in the afternoons. These guys are saying after the lake was restocked on Wednesday catching 5 to 10 trout a afternoon has been no problem. These fish have been hitting power baits, wax worms and metal spoons the best. Jim picked up several trout, 4 largemouth bass and 2 crappies just fishing a spinner along the shoreline on Thursday. Now the Wissahickon will be restocked next Thursday. Reports back from here have stopped. But I would think the fishing should be very good for the amount of guys that still head over there. Core Creek. Well for a trout report that is about all I can say about this lake. They are catching a few trout but over all I think the big walleyes and catfish are doing better on the trout then the trout fisherman. Rick was up on Friday last week catching 2 trout, 15 crappies and 4 largemouth bass. He has been fishing the upper end with meal worms, power baits, small jigs and plastic worms. Jay has still been fishing around the dam but all he has been catching is perch, bluegills and crappies. He said minnows, wax worms and trout magnets have been working the best. One other report from Core Creek was a customer out drifting in his kayak with small twister tails catching all the perch and bluegills you wanted. But nothing else.
Other than stripers on the Delaware River. Well the bass fishing has really picked up in Dredge Harbor, Salem Harbor, Tullytown Cove and Warner's Cove. Several boat fishing Dredge with plastics have been boating up to 10 bass a day. The fish have been held up right outside the creek in 8 to 15 feet of water. A few other report coming back from the pipes with these fish hitting nightcrawlers, plastic worms and crankbaits. Tullytown cove has been very good for largemouth bass but the crappies and perch have also been hitting very good. The bass have been hitting plastic worms, rattle traps and crankbaits. The small fish have been hitting small tubes and jigs the best. One fisherman was in Salem Harbor catching 7 largemouth bass up to 3 pound fishing plastic lizards. He said the fish are along the shoreline and between the docks and rocks. A few guys have been catching bass and suckers up in the Poquessing Creek. These fish have been hitting nightcrawlers the best. Rick was out one day on the lower river picking up 4 largemouth bass and 8 catfish. He is fishing the rocks just above Princeton Avenue. Crankbaits have been working the best. The upper river has still been very good for shad but most of the better reports are coming from the Water Gap and above. Kevin has still been doing real good with small spoons and small shad darts fishing the evening right below the 80 bridge. He said there are good numbers of fish and fish are being caught up to 7 pounds. Small has been the answer for most fisherman up here. At Narrowsburg the same holds true. These guys are fishing below the bridge with number 0 shad spoons in chartreuse, orange and pink. Dead sticking has been working the best. Now up at Callicoon I talked to one customer that picked up 11 shad on Friday and 27 on Saturday. He has been doing best trolling 1/24 and 1/16 ounce shad darts. Now the smallmouth bass are staring to pick up and some bigger fish are being caught. Tom told me fishing with crankbaits between the Stockton Bridge south to the next rip has been fantastic for smallmouth bass and walleyes. He has been doing best trolling the crankbaits up stream to catch the walleyes and drifting downstream throwing the crankbaits along the shoreline for the smallies. Last week he has smallmouth bass up to 19 1/2 inches and walleyes up to 21 inches. He said Rapala's and Yozuri crankbaits have been working the best. Now Charlie fishing the mouth of the Tohickon had a couple good days over the weekend before the rains came. He said after Sunday the fish just dropped off. But on Friday he caught 4 smallmouth bass 12, 14 ,16 and 18 inches. He also caught 3 walleyes up to 6 pounds. He found the Wiggle Warts working the best but also picked up a few fish with live shiners and nightcrawlers. He also has still been doing very good up the creek catching smallmouth bass up to 15 inches with all the rock bass and big bluegills you want with 3 to 5 inch grubs.
Other spots in the area. Noxamixion has really picked up for several different fisherman. John had a great day on Saturday fishing plastic worms and top water lures. He was fishing with his wife and between the two of them they boated 27 largemouth bass, 4 pickerel and 1 hybrid striper. He did pick up several fish with 4 and 6 inch Culprit worms but found buzz baits the hottest. He said not only good numbers he also had 4 bass over 4 pounds with the hybrid weighing in at 11 pounds. He talked to several other fisherman on the lake and most were all catching fish. One bank fisherman that was fishing off the docks right by the boat ramp caught 2 bass both 16 inches and also had a bucket full of nice yellow perch that he picked up with small minnows. Several guys fishing below the dam at night have been catching 14 to 19 inch walleyes with plastic shads, minnows and spoons. Fall's Township has also picked up for largemouth bass, pickerel, crappies and bluegills. Fishing the shorelines with either minnows, wax worms, meal worms or earthworms under a bobber will land you plenty of bluegills, crappies and even a largemouth bass here and there. Jim has been fishing allot of plastics catching 4 to 8 bass a day. He said this past week the fishing has been very good but the fish have been on the smaller side. Alex was out fishing off a boat with bigger spinners looking for a nice musky only landing 1 largemouth bass close to 5 pounds and also picked up 8 pickerel all in the 18 inch range. Rohm Haas has still been very good for largemouth bass. These guys are throwing allot of spinner baits, plastic worms and rattle traps. Now they are not catching the real big fish but number have been up to 4 fish a day. Burlington Island lake a fisherman pulled his boat over the bank and fished doing very good with largemouth bass. He said fishing and crankbaits in bright colors brought him over 15 largemouth bass all in the 2 pound range. The Neshaminy Creek in the Hulmeville section has been very good for carp, catfish and largemouth bass. These guys have been fishing corn to catch the catfish and carp with most of the bass hitting minnows, spinner baits, plastic worms and real worms. They said there are some really big carp swimming around 20 to 30 pounds. And fishing the lower Pennypack Creek has been very good for some bigger carp between State Road and the river. These guys have accessing this section of the creek off Rhawn Street park and have been fishing with corn, corn meal, bagels and sweet carp baits. They have landed carp up to 30 pounds in this section of the creek. They have also picked up allot of catfish and smaller stripers with nightcrawlers and chicken livers. Penn Warner has still ben very good for the club members. Largemouth bass are starting to bed up and have been slamming jigs, spinner baits and plastic worms. They have been catching some largemouth bass up to 6 pounds. And with these fish they have been catching some big pickerel and some monster northern pike. Barry was up throwing one ounce spinner baits one afternoon catching a pike that was 45 inches that weighed about 28 pounds. He also picked up some nice largemouth bass fishing deeper water with big spinner baits.
South Jersey lakes have been smoking hot for largemouth bass, crappies, pickerel and yellow perch. Several guys have been down fishing Union and all are saying the fishing has been the best in years. One customer had pictures of catfish up to 8 pounds, largemouth bass up to 4 pounds, crappies up to 2 pound and even picked up a nice brown trout over 2 pounds. The most fish he caught were crappies and he picked these fish up drifting live minnows. The fish he kept were all between 14 and 16 inches. John who is down this lake every weekend had a great week for largemouth bass. He stayed and fished the islands with plastic worms and spinner baits catching over 25 bass on Saturday and had fish over 5 pounds. With these bass he also picked up several bluegills and lots of pickerel. He said even the pickerel were all good size with the biggest 21 inches. Joe has been down fishing several of the smaller lakes off Route 50 saying each trip down he has been doing well with pickerel, bass and crappies. He has been throwing Rebel minnows catching all these fish. Lake Lenape for Richie was really good all last week with catches of largemouth bass up to 4 pounds with numbers over 10 fish each day. He has also caught all the pickerel you wanted fishing with plastic worms, lizards, Rapala's shad raps and spinner baits. Now down below the dam the herring are there in great numbers. They are catching these fish with Sabiki rigs but most guys are either snagging or throw netting their limits. Now here be real careful with the wardens checking most of these guys each time down. Fines are pretty stiff if you do get caught. Down around Sweetwater the pickerel fishing has been really good in the Mullica river and all the lake that feed into the river. Guys have been doing great with live minnows, Rapala's, spinners and twister tails.
Down the shore was not good for the boat fisherman all week. With the big storms early and the winds that have followed not many boats got out. The clams boats did get out since we did get out supply of fresh clams on Thursday. Now off the beach the fishing has been really good all week long up north. Russ has been up off Sandy Hook having some good days on bigger bluefish with keeper size stripers. Clams have been the main bait for him. John has also been fishing the beaches of Sandy Hook and the past week came home with a two fish limit each trip. Again he has been fishing fresh clams. The biggest fish he took was 36 inches about 18 pounds. Now off Long Beach Island they have caught a few stripers but these beaches are full of big bluefish. These guys have been catching these fish with clams, cut mackerel, cut herring and metal spoons. These bluefish have been running from 6 to 14 pounds. Guys fishing off the beaches of Brick are catching both stripers and bluefish but the fish here have been much smaller. All the striper are just under the 28 inch limit and the bluefish have been 3 to 6 pounds. Now a few guys did get out around Sea Isle but said here the fishing has been very slow. A striper here and there and fishing the jetties they have been catching some smaller sea bass and blackfish. And up the Delaware Bay off Reed's Beach they did pick up a few stripers fishing with fresh herring, strip shad and clams. These bass have been 24 to 30 inches. There are a few drum fish showing up in the Delaware Bay but the big run is coming on the next full moon. Fred told me he was heading out for cod several times this week but the winds kept him close to home. He did fish the back bay of Sea Isle to run the boat catching a few keeper stripers with clams, Fin S fish and Sebile herring plugs. The biggest he picked up was 31 inches.
Well that is all I have time for this week. I hope for more report when I get home and check my e-mails. Good luck and enjoy this summer weekend coming up.
4-27- Tough couple days out on the river. I was talking to you at the ramp on Tuesday and went over to the creek and did pretty good. The bloodworms you gave us worked great catching stripers and white perch. We took a couple of the white perch and dritfted them around with no luck. But thanks again for the bloodworms. The count was 9 white perch and 4 stripers. The stripers ranged all under 25 inches. Terry and Karen
4-26- Sitting here at my desk thinking about a great week we had at Beltsville Lake. We spent the whole week camping and fished every day. Smallmouth bass were on the bite in 20 feet of water on the road bed leading towards the dam. We were fishing drop shot rigs with senko worms, trick worms and slug o's. Soem really big fish were caught. My biggest was about 6 pounds that measured 22 inches and was nice and fat. We also had some good shore lunches of walleyes that were were catching with live minnows, leeches and helgermites. We caught these fish on the bottom with a weedless jig head. There was allot of traffic on Satuday with the good weather and that kind of shut fishing off but our best day was Sunday beffore the storm front moved in. This day we found a big pocket of yellow perch and they were hitting small motor oil grubs. Some of these perch were close to 2 pounds but we put most of the big ones back due to the spawn. But a good cooler of fish are waiting to be cleaned when I get home. Bob
4-25-Picked my Sabiki rigs at your place Sat morning…dropped in my boat about 8:30 Sat morning at Trenton after paying the $25 ramp fee. I quickly counted about 40 boats out there. Took us no time to limit out on Herring, caught 2 at a time several times. Was surprised we were able to boat a nice big Shad on Sabiki Rig without a net. Fun Day….kids loved it. My son even caught 2 at a time on his Sponge Bob pole. I had bought several styles of sabiki rigs however it did not matter as the bite was on.
4-25- The fishing down the river at the Betsy Ross bridge has been really good for the past couple days. Fishing frozen herring and the salted clams has brought our boat lots of fish for the BBQ. Tuesday we caught 11 stripers and had 5 keepers. The next day all the fish were over 28 inches, not a keeper in the lot. But Friday we did best. We not only caught our 6 fish limit we also put 3 fish in the boat over 30 pounds. What a day. Other than stripers we have been catching allot of catfish and eels. These guys are just a pain when the big stripers are around. Pete
4-24- Stripers still hitting real good at the rancocass. I was over this morning and picked up fish with bloodworms, clams and herring. We landed over 20 fish from 22 inches all the way up to 38 inches. There were some bigger fish caught around us but these guys were fishing live herring. One fish was 41inches had to be in the 35 pound range. Gerry
4-24- Herring bite was on today. Had to be over 100 boats fishing the Trenton wall and everyone caught limits. We fished for less than and hour to put our 50 fish limit in the boat. Then we went down and fished boye 80 and caught some really big catfish but no stripers. Seemed all the other boats were heading down further so we followed down to the Turnpike bridge. Well that was were the stripers were. With live herring we caught 9 stripers up to 42 inches. With chunk herring we caught 18 more but the biggest was only 32 inches. We also picked up 19 more catfish. The biggest catfish was 9 pounds.
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