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Default Smitty's south jersey fishing report april23

Well i headed out yesterday morning. The tide was 2 hrs before dead low so I headed to a spot in cape may were there is a few clam beds right inside the inlet. I didn't fell like messin with bait so I broke out some lures. I tossed everything from black and silver bombers, yellow and black bombers, Some lead heads with varios colors of finesse, and some top water plugs in all sizes. There was some small bait in the water but nothing to get excited over. All and all not even a hit. I fished for about 4 hrs up and down the beach and even tried a spot were there is a old set of bridge pilings in the back bays. I figureg the water might be alittle warmer there but still no fish. I do fish all different tides but dead low was just not working. Oh well better then sitting on the couch. I'll be out sunday so well see how it is then. I will defenitly make it out on a better tide. :twisted: :twisted:
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