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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Brinkmans Bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.
Friday April 16, 2010


Another fantastic weekend and week following. We did have a little rain on Monday but all that did was stain up the river a bit. But for the creeks they are all in great shape and most guys have been still catching plenty of trout. The Wissahickon was re-stocked on Wednesday and the Pennypack was re-stocked on Thursday. Both streams were suppose to get between 1800 and 3200 trout. Even before the put more fish in the creeks both the Wissahickon and Pennypack have been very good for most trout fisherman. Main baits the past week have been meal worms, wax worms, power baits, salted minnows and corn. The best lures have been spinners, trout magnets, power trout worms, spoons and jigs. For Allen fishing right off Woodward Avenue on Tuesday a 5 fish limit came in less than 2 hours. He was fishing the deeper with spinners. He said there was 5 more guys fishing the same hole and all had their limits. Most of those guys were fishing bait. Several guys have told me Welsh Road has been fished out a bit but they are still able to catch 3 to 10 fish each trip down. Now up at Pine Road a couple fisherman had 15 fish on Wednesday all with wax worms. They had several fish between 12 and 16 inches. A nice big rainbow came out of the water at Veree Road over the weekend. This fish was about 20 inches close to 5 pounds. This fisherman picked this fish up with a Panther Martin. Another really nice fish was taken further up the creek at Lamuer Park. This section of the creek was re-stocked last week and they seemed to put some really nice fish in. This fish I saw a picture of was 21 inches 5.8 pounds. He caught this fish with rainbow power baits. Several other guys fished this section of the creek over the weekend and all said the fishing was great. Most of these fish were 12 to 15 inch with good girth. A couple report back from the Wissahickon with all good results. All these guys said after the stocking the fishing really picked up. Jimmy was down early Thursday morning picking up over 20 fish in a couple hours. He said the fish started out hitting corn and switched over to meal worms and power bait as the morning went on. Another fisherman was over before the stocking catching 9 fish with power bait eggs and spinners. Core Creek is still one of the slow spots for trout. This is a lake that is more prone for bluegills, crappies, perch and bass. But some guys do catch trout here and there. Tom was up fishing by the bridge catching 3 rainbow with marshmallow tipped with wax worms. He also picked up 2 largemouth bass and 4 bluegills with small minnows and twister tails. Jay has been fishing by the dam catching all the panfish and bass with minnows and wax worms. He said down in this section no trout have been caught. Now Levittown Lake was re-stocked on Saturday and everyone I know that has been heading up this was has been doing great on trout. Jim was up a couple time catching any where between 8 and 15 trout each trip. He said the fish have been hitting power bait fished with wax worms or meal worms on the same hook. They have also been hitting black and white spinners. A couple other fisherman have been doing really good catching their limits each afternoon on this lake. They have been going up around 4 and staying till dark to catch their 5 fish. These guys have been fishing meal worms, wax worms and minnows. The last spot for trout that I have heard about was the Neshaminy Creek at Tyler State Park. These guys have been catching fish but no big numbers. They said these fish are a bit smaller than the Pennypack but they are catching good numbers of bluegills, rock bass and smallmouth mixed in. Spinners have been working the best with fish hitting minnows, jigs and meal worms.
Stripers have been the next best thing to fish for. I even got out for the first time for a couple hours Wednesday afternoon. Helen and myself headed out with some bloodworms, clams and frozen herring. We anchored in front of the Rancocas creek and within 20 minutes picked up the first striper just 20 inches. After fishing for several hours we ended the day with 2 more stripers on 19 inch and the other 15 inches. We also picked up 1 white perch. All the fish were caught on bloodworms. With in the group of boat around us there was a few more stripers taken. One boat picked up a 29 inch fish and one smaller both on bloodworms. Another boat picked up a fish that was under 15 inches and the last boat I talked to caught 4 fish total from 12 to 19 inches. John was out a couple times this week again only catching white perch. On Wednesday he fished from the Tacony up to the Rancocas without a striper or catfish. Two other guys I talked to at the ramp also were out most of the day not catching a striper. Now over the weekend and several other evening they have been having great catches of bigger stripers down right below the Tacony Bridge. These guys are fishing the beach right in front of the Nature Center down river close to a mile. Here I seen several pictures of stripers up to 39 inches. Most of the fish in the pictures were 28 to 38 inches. They have been catching most of these fish on clams and bloodworms. Jim has been out several times this week having slow trips with perch eating up his bait. He did pick up some smaller fish with bloodworms but over all during the week the perch took most of his bait. Several guys fishing Station Avenue said the fishing here slowed up a bit but they have still caught several slot fish this past week. Again bloodworms have been the hot bait. Some guys have been catching herring up off Station Avenue but only a few good run off have happened with the fresh bait. At Princeton Avenue they have still been catching some stripers from 18 inch's up to 29 inches. Here again bloodworms have been the only bait working. Jerry this week had a few fish 18 to 24 inch's fishing several nights. At Camer Street I did see a picture of a nice fish that the customer said was 43 inches. This fish had to weigh about 30 pounds. He said the night bite here has been very good with most guys catching a couple fish each trip. Even the Frankford Arsenal has picked up for stripers. One customer Saturday morning picked up a nice 36 inch striper with 4 catfish. He was catching the stripers on bloodworms with the catfish hitting chicken livers. Now for the best striper fishing this past week Trenton has been the hot spot. If you are taking your boat up to Mercer County ramp they are telling me there is a 24/7 guard now and you will be paying the $25.00 ramp fee for Pennsylvania residents. J. R. and Karl were up early in the week catching a limit of herring in several hours but did pick up all the shad they wanted. But fishing the herring they did pick up several stripers on big fish 42 inches. All these fish were picked up between the bridges. J.R. was back up again Tuesday night saying the herring were hard to catch but what bait he had caught him several stripers 30 to 36 inches. Several other guys have been up herring fishing and most guys are able to catch some fish for bait. Now the main run is not happening as of yet. For shad it seems to be one of the best years in the Trenton area with guys catching plenty of fish with darts, spoons and on sabiki rigs. Further up river at Yardley things have still been quite slow but a bit further at Washington's Crossing the shad fishing has been very good. These guys have been fishing right under the bridge with shad spoons catching plenty of fish 3 to 6 pounds. No real big row fish have moved in yet but it only be a week or so for them to show up. Now the next spot I have gotten report of shad has been at the Delaware Water Gap. Kevin has been fishing the past couple weekends doing the best in many years. Last weekend he said most guys were catching 20 to 40 fish each afternoon. Small shad spoons and smaller shad darts are working the best up there.
Now with all the trout and striper fishing there have been very few other reports coming in. Saltwater has been really slow with allot of stripers in the Delaware Bay the past couple weeks but this past week things have really shut down. I talked to several guys that were down to Fortasque only catching some smaller stripers with bloodworms. A few guys were down to Cape May point also catching a few smaller stripers with clams and bloodworms. Up at Corson's Inlet a customer picked up a couple keeper stripers around the rocks with bucktails. He said there are also allot of smaller fish hitting bloodworms and clams. His couple fish were 29 and 31 inches. Fred has still been heading out 30 to 40 miles and catching limits of cod fish. He has been jigging some of these fish but clams have been working the best. Most of the cod he has caught are 15 to 25 pounds. The hot spot now has been up in the Raritan Bay. Several guys have been running out and netting and snagging bunker. With these bunker they have been heading up around the bridges catching stripers 25 to 45 pounds. Keith was one of our customers that took a guide trip and landed over 15 stripers and never had one under 20 pounds. His guide was showing him some pictures of fish taken in the past couple weeks of fish up to 45 pounds. All have been caught either on live bunker or bunker heads on a fish finder rig. One really big striper I heard of came from the Chesapeake Bay. This fish was taken on a live herring and weighted 69 pounds. This was taken by one of the guides that we use to get out frozen herring from. He was telling Bruce that they have been taking less stripers but much bigger fish. Now in freshwater crappies have been the next best thing to fish for. In Core Creek, Rohm Haas and Fairless Hills they have had good days on crappies. All these lakes they have been picking up fish with small minnows, meal worms, twister tails and small maribow jigs. Some monster crappies are still being caught in Penn Warner for the club members. On this lake also they have been catching pickerel, pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass. These fish have been hitting spinner baits, rattle traps, crankbaits, plastic worms and jigging spoons.
Well that is all I have time for this week. With all this sunshine I have been so busy that typing this report has been quite rough. Now we are not complaining about good business. I hope it keeps up till late into the fall. Good luck and good fishing.

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