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Default Re: Northeast - Quota Increase Proposed for the Spiny Dogfish Fishery

Back when I was commercial fishing we'd run away from them!
They'd stick in the trawl, clog up the cod end.
Then you couldn't "blow" (wash) them off the deck. Hated the damned things.

Then for a couple of years the English offered a market for them. Seems they like them for Fish & Chips.

Didn't last long because "ripping" ASAP to avoid spoilage was labor intense and the money sucked. Quickly, the market vanished. Boats that went out for them couldn't keep a decent crew when other species were better paying for the time & labor.

Maybe things have changed?
I'm rather up on the happenings of the Point Judith Fleet of comm. fishermen. I've yet to hear anyone say they're going Dog Fishing, or had a good catch of "Doggies".
Probably why they're doing so well... nobody (much) is fishing them heavily.
Admittedly, I tried them. I think they taste better than the yellow eels they're trying to market with a bunch of creative names.
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