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What is being missed is that the registration would not be protected by federal programs and restictions, calling it a license would.
Where does the $20.00 figure come from, when the director told me it can be called a license and cost would be $7.50 and protected by federal restricted reciept funding.
Registration, not covered by federal law, can and will be raised by state legistlature at will and dumped into the general fund and spent any way they wish.
Enforcement of a "registration" would be all but unenforceable, as jurisdiction is questionable at best.
If I have to peel out more money for another user fee, as I spend more than $350.00 a year as it is now, I want the money to go back to the resource it is being collected for.
Christ, I killed 9 Deer last year at a price per pound of around $7.00.
Ducks are at about $55.00, Grouse at $100.00, and Cottontails at $80.00
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