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Default Re: Dumbfounded....................

So I get this PM......................................

I'm now supposed to show up at the next meeting for this commitee. Well I was challenged with that anyway. My feeling about that?
The commitee is already stacked by members of RISAA. 1 of which is not even a resident of this state. This commitee is supposed to be exploring a way to submit a bill for vote as a potential Rhode Island State law. Why is there a tackle shop owner from Mass who can't even vote here, on this panel? Because he is a member, and correct me if I am wrong a major contributor to RISAA and a commitee member. 1 of the staffers showed up late, shirt inside out and completely lost on the subject, a commitee chair from RISAA as well.
2 of the staffers also comitee members in RISAA, who's literacy I question, had to have multiple issues explained to them, including the term "reciprocity" more than once.
More than 1 time, the term, "restricted reciept account" was denied, first that it even existed, and more than once after being corrected that the new program could be added and then when it was disclosed that it could, the subject was dropped and the meeting moved on to exploring reciprocity, with information guidelines suggested by me.
Why should I have any respect for this process and this commitee, when it is obvious to me the agenda is decided, and it is nothing more than going through the motions at this point.
I'll voice my opinions to the folks that I am in contact with, and IF this potential bill ever see's the light of day, I will make sure I am at the public hearings.
If you think this 1st generation AKC registered American Canuck Jarhead is thick headed and vocal on a website forum, just wait till the chips are down, the research is done and my opinion is 100%.

You already know my name, we have had more than 1 conversation, you will recognize me, of that I am absolutely positive.

I've gone so far in explaining my position and standing up for my beliefs that I have had my life threatened to shut me up. That worked real good didn't it?

Why is the word license so dirty at this point?

It's the only word that will protect our money, and make sure that the elected public officials cannot abuse those hard earned dollars to patch the pot holes on 95, or close budget gaps in the Providence school system.

I guess you don't need to forward this post to him Tom, he registered as a member in order to PM me.
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