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Default Re: Newbie in Hudson River, a lot of questions...

Thanxs for your response.
As I told you, I come from freshwater (lakes, ponds, rivers), I know a trout/bass/crappies are small fish and easy to land.
I have been in Liberty State Park Hudson River NJ before, that "walking board" is like a bridge, I saw some guys landing fish with trebble hooks tied to a rope, I think is not a nice way to land a fish even if you are going to eat it... so what is the alternative to that if you get a big fish?
Going for stripers is exciting I think, so what about a 30 lbs mono/braid with a 50lbs fluoro lead?

I think I have the basis, but practice is a must in order to be a good angler... I want to do things correctly, I respect life and environment. From my point of view is not about just fishing, is about how to fish. It is easy to throw a sinker tied to a line with a hook and a bait, but I've learned there is something more about it.

Thank you again !
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