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Default Newbie in Hudson River, a lot of questions...

Hola !
I use to fish in Freshwater so I have my Freshwater gear, I'm not a newbie in fresh BUT I don't have any experience in SALTWATER, I know the basis are the same but there are some questions about some specific things.
Actually I have a Shakespeare BigWater Spinning Combo 8'. And I would like to fish from the shore (no boat) in Liberty State Park (just saying but looking for spots in NNJ, just new in the area).

My questions are:
1. I know a lot of people recommend Monofilament in the main line and fluorocarbon in the lead, BUT what about braid lines... like Spider?
If I use braid line as a main line, what about my lead?
2. What kind of line should I use (Im thinking 20-30lbs) as a main line and up to 50 lbs in the lead... is that right? some differences in Braids?
3. What kind of BAIT/LURE should I use for this kind of fishing? Should I use a Fish Finder rig or a Fixed Rig? what size of hooks are better?
4. I saw people fishing from bridges or from a high levels, should I use some kind of "tool" in order to "hook" the fish to take it out of the water or I just have to use my rod/line in order to lift it all the way out ?
5. WHERE I can find more resources regarding this matter?

As a freshwater angler I know I have to pay for my permit (for trout is 10 bucks more) BUT I've heard about some plans to make us pay for Saltwater fishing... actually this activity is for FREE in NJ, right?

Sorry, maybe some of my questions could sound silly, but I use to use light rods, 6lbs-12lbs lines and small bait for freshwater... I just want to start in the best way I can.

Thank you very much !
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