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Default Harvesting Fish from Shore

I am among the rest of you boatless anglers, whether by means or by choice. Over the years I have tried to make fishing from shore more efficient and ergonomic. When fishing freshwater, where most fish harvested are relatively small compared to a a keeper striper at a minimum of 28".

As many shore bound anglers can attest to, there are plenty of downfalls to not having a boat. Also, there can be a lot of leg work whether it's walking from a parking spot, hiking down a beach, or navigating a marsh river.

Anyway, I only have two hands, I keep all my tackle in a backpack, rod in one hand, so toting a long a cooler full of ice big enough to keep a 28" striped bass is doable, but not easy by any means.

How do most of you go about caring for and transporting a fish you intend to keep while fishing by from shore? Forgetting about dragging a cooler along the shore as I fish, I was thinking just bleeding Bf cleaning the fish immediately upon landing, then tossing it in a big garbage bag so I can keep it somewhat clean on the walk back to the car, where I can keep a cooler filled with some old frozen water bottles and/or ice.(I hate having to buy ice before each trip, and it's slightly embarrassing not catching a fish while having a cooler full of ice in the car just waiting for a limit of fish)

Anyway, hope some don't mind getting their brains picked and have some good advice.


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