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It's pretty snotty here now, serious wind gusts, sideways rain... It seems like it was over so sudden..

Hope you feel better soon,you guys should have fish for another month or so...

That wouldnt be unlike Boras to do something like that....he's a real piece of work!

I'd trade Manny for Beltran, no problem,I didnt think the Mets would give up on him so quick.... he'd go nuts in Fenway!

The local sports talk radio said on my way in that niether Cashman or Epstien were signed, but both GM's wernt talking, Stienbrenner would be nuts to let him go, what has he done besides win, what 3 world championchips! theo has done a good Job for the 'sox,for the "chump change" he's looking for the 'sox brass signed scrap heap pitchers for!
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