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Default Re: Bugs and Bass 2014

Special day on the water with friends. Hannah Merrill my turkey hunting bud and her grandfather John Merrill, owner of the Stuart Farm in Stratham.

What goes around, comes around. I bought the USS Coalman from John in 1997. Right about the time Hannah was born.

What a privilege and honor it was to have both on the boat helping bait traps and band lobsters. When John took the helm between strings the memories of his adventures in the same boat so many years ago were a pleasure to my ear drums.

Like passing the torch Hannah also got to be the captain of her once granddad's boat. Today had to be the most fun I've had lobster trapping this season.

To top it off it was another pound or better lobster per trap day. My only request in return was special consideration to hunt an off limits goose field this fall with Belle. John's nod said it all.

What a great day to be OTW.

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