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Default Re: Bugs and Bass 2014

Fished the Bay last night till dusk. The wind made it hard to drift. Bass 1, Coalman 0.

There wasn't a boat in sight.

Glad the weatherman was wrong. Thought I'd have to dress like the Gloucester Fisherman checking traps with the predicted rain. OTW at 0630. Sunny and blue sky. Just an inch to spare getting under the trestle. High tide means we aren't restricted to following navigation buoys. Pointed the bow NE and skimmed the flats three miles to the first trap.

The first string of eight traps produced seven keepers. The next string of five traps, nine keepers. The last two traps, Hero and Zero, four keepers. Pulled the furthest one back. It caught three keepers on two checks. Time to let the trench repopulate. Took that trap from 18' of water to 44'. Caught what has to be a three pounder in 12' today. Lots of female keeper lobsters got measured. If you had a female in a trap she always had one to three suitors.

The bounty included only one hard shell. The lobster had barnacles growing on it. Gonna need a mallet to crack those claws. Everything else today was new shell. They are sure shiny and colorful in their new armor.

Today catch in the coolers. Future lobster salad in the car.

Saw a Cinder Worm spawn on the way to check the Hero and Zero traps. There were a few fish boiling on them.

What a phenomenon of nature. It is like opening up a candy store to an elementary school and all the goodies are free.

For the fly fishermen out there.

Have a safe and happy 4th.
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