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Default Re: Bugs and Bass 2014

Little warmer this AM than last week. 47 to 51. I'm starting to like this summer.
It was hit or miss on the bugs this morning. Ended up with better than a pound per trap. Very few shorts. One hard shell keeper and the rest shedders. The lobsters seem to be in broken bottom rather than on the flats and in the mud.
Caught a real nice recently shed female. You could see from the shape of one rear flipper she had been notched before. She got another notch and the release of life. I'll be eating her prodigy some day.

Set my "hero or zero" traps last week. A lonely out of the way spot that is over a mile round trip back to my main trapping area. Those two traps produced three big keepers. It was good to have a a couple heroes on the line today.
The traps were reset. Stay tuned.

It was a negative tide this morning. Finished putting today's catch in the car just as the tide turned in. Met up with Ray and being such a beautiful morning to be OTW I opted to stay out a little while and watch Ray pulls traps.

It was a good day to be on the Bay.

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