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Default Re: Bugs and Bass 2014

Went looking for alewives Friday. Found these two had beat me to the best vantage point. They also had a pair of mallards keeping company. Never saw one fish.

First run of the lobster traps brought in four keepah lobsters, five shorty's and four horseshoe crabs. Got my limit of eels this weekend too.

Saw these mute swans on the way out. I don't see them in the river much. Bay yes, river no.

Slung eels till dark looking for a striper or two. Skunked, no takers.

A change of bait didn't help my luck. Filled the live well with alewives and proceeded to fish quite a few drifts. Took Roccus's advice and never "married a spot". The last place I tried on the way in was where I caught the bait. Got a bite but had a circle hook on. Forgot you aren't suppose to set the hook.

Back at it this week. It was good to replenish the salt in my veins.
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