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Default My Summer Play Land

I left the dock just after the tide turned out this morning. The bugs seem to be gone. Greenheads, deer files, mosquitoes and no seem'ums I mean. I can't remember when or where insects tried to spoil my day.

Traditionally August is the worst month to trap lobsters in the Great Bay's. You have to stay mobile. The traps set on flat hard bottom today were full of debris. The eel grass rots on the surface and sinks. The swift tides on the flat hard bottom roll the decaying grass right into your trap. The few traps I had set in the rocks last week produced well today. So I went looking for rocks and uneven bottom.

Lots of short lobsters today. That is always a good sign. I treat them as prodigy. Half the keepah's were culls too. Seems like we are scraping the barrel at the bottom of the Bay.

After I transferred today's bounty into the lobster car I went looking for striped bass. My expectations were low. I saw Acnes on his way in this morning. He was on bass but said the bite ended when the sun appeared. We traded stories and went our ways.

It took a couple drifts but I found the bass. In a beating down late morning sun with live eels for bait I put five striped ones in the boat. Two were keepers. I let them swim for another day.

These bass can fight. I can only hope the pogies are on their way with mama and daddy stripers not far behind. You know you had a good day on the water when your arms are reminding you of your age.

The only pictures I stored today were electrical impulses in my brain. The Great Bay is my summer play land.
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