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Default Kayak Deck Bag

I'm just a beginner when it comes to fishing from a kayak. I've paddled for many years. I have an OK Trident 13 to fish from but now I'm looking for a deck bag.

This is not a bag I want behind me, but instead in front of me. Many OK paddlers are familiar with the center console and I would like to find a bag that can be mounted on that center console. The straps are already there, so it should be easy.

The challenge I'm finding is most bags are either too big (wide mostly) or are designed for closed cockpit kayaks (like my P&H Sirius). I want to keep my camera (so my fish stories aren't so fishy), pliers, gloves, knife, flares, compass... The stuff you need to put your hands on pretty quickly without having to be a contortionist reaching behind.

What are others using or recommend?

Thanks, and if you are on the North Shore of MA, up for learning from others...
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