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Default A night on the Piscatiqua River

We took off out of the river about 6PM and headed north offshore to get bait. We had no chum but filled the bait tank in an hour with some really nice medium mackerel and a few two pound pollack.

After two stops on the way back to the river to revive the bait (no high speed water intake) we arrived at our military location at dusk. You should have seen the silversides. WOW! The birds were busting on them but there was not much surface bass activity.

The first drift and Cory was on. I noticed when I was reeling in my mackerel there were two of them. All of a sudden the place exploded with jumbo mackerel and the bass were throwing them out of the water. Cory threw in a jigging rod and a couple more mackerel made the live well.

The big pollack didn't live on the ride in. When I saw the jumbo mackerel in the baitwell I instantly slid a hook into its navel cavity. I was looking for the “One”. Cory boated three fish while the bass just harassed my large mackerel. The “One” was not feeding here tonight. I never got a hit on the big mackerel.

With a few baits left we headed to location number two. A couple more bass came over the gunnel's. Our last mackerel was a hearty one. It took a couple drifts but I hooked up for one last fish and we called it a night. I lost count of how many bass we boated. I know it was well over a dozen. The biggest fish measured on the boat was 33”.

The bass were the healthiest stripers I have ever seen. Fat and all shoulder. My right shoulder reminds me tonight of how hard those fish can fight. Since we launched in Maine all the bass were out of slot and live to fight another day.

I laid my head to rest with Mama at 1230. I love fin fishing for
stripers! Thank you Captain.

Captain Cory and our ride.

Your eye in the Northeast sky.
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