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Default Fin Fish are best

The USS Coalman was all prepared to net pogies Sunday morning to use as bait for stripers. I rigged my gill net to fish either stationary or mobile out the back of the boat. The bait tank was also on-board. Too bad nobody told the pogies we were coming. I have been there three times pulling lobster gear and each time the pogies taunted me.

Sunday the pogies were not home.

So, Joe and I fished eels and we fished hard. We had bass breaking around the boat but they showed no interest in our slime offering.

I even went out of my element and took a ride to the General Sullivan Bridge for bottom of the tide. While we also struck out there fishing we met two fisherman who saw our bait tank and offered us some live tinker mackerel. Seems they had four keepers in the boat and were calling it a day.

It wasn't long before we had the live bait in the tank and headed back to the Bay. The first drift and I had a 26" on the boat. Next drift we had doubles on. Another 26" and a 29" keepah. Probably the fattest striper I have ever seen at that size. This was a genuine football.

The next drift and Joe hooks a good one. When drag screams off my striper reels you know you have a good fish. There was just one lobster buoy we had to avoid and Joe tried to horse the fish around it. You just can't horse big stripers. In our haste to fish the mackerel we used the eel hooks we already had on the poles. I prefer treble hooks when fishing live bait. They were in the tackle box. Bad Dave.
Lucky striper!

At least we got a picture of the big one. A big bridge under construction that is.
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