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Default Roccus and worms

I got to share my boat with Roccus today. We saw the biggest hatch of cinder worms I have ever seen in the Bay's. It started at the dock at daybreak and continued through the first few hours of fishing. There were hatching worms by the millions. They were so thick Joe scooped one up bare handed.

I give Joe credit. While I was slinging an eel he was trying to match the hatch with multiple offerings from his tackle box. The bass wanted only one thing and it wasn't my eel either.

So we decided to let the bass fatten up and went checking lobster traps. Everywhere we went the bass taunted us as they slurped those fresh worms.

At least the lobsters were biting.

This is the second time Joe has been on my boat. The first couple times I fished with Joe on his home water we never caught a fish. I rib him for taking me for boat rides. Joe's first trip on the USS Coalman a couple years ago we never boated a fish. I was reminded in our last fishing hole of the day that he has never caught a Great Bay striped bass.

That monkey is now off our backs.

Thanks for the memories.
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