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Default Re: Best QB in the NFL?

Manning could well be on his way to being the greatest QB ever, but he has a few more years to go before we know for sure.
Before the knee, Brady was on his way but after watching him blow chance after chance this year I'm not sure he's still in the running.

Right now the best of all time is still Bart Starr. (and FWIW, I'm neutral when it comes to the Packers, don't really care much one way or another)

In my book it's what's accomplished when it really counts that makes a great player and the postseason is when it really counts!
Starr was the best postseason passer in NFL history with a record 104.8 playoff passer rating during a time when an 80 rating was considered excellent.
His postseason interception rate was only 1.41 which is also a postseason record.
5 Championship rings
Everyone claims that it's because he was on a great rushing team but when they won the title three years in a row they were near the bottom in rushing, Starr's arm is what took them there.

Another very important fact to remember is that Starr played before all the rules that we have now to protect the QB and jack up offensive stats, There were no facemask penalties, eye gouging and head slapping were okay, horse collar tackles and chop blocking were perfectly aceptable, pass interference and roughing the passer barely existed if at all.................. and Starr still had the stats he had.

The drive that won the Ice Bowl was probably the greatest drive by any QB in NFL history. Starr went 5 for 5 then took the ball in himself for the winning TD
Yeah, yeah, Montana and "The Drive", all 92 yards, was great but that was on a beautiful 68 degree night - Starr did it on an 18 BELOW -0- night !! That's 86 degrees colder then the night Montana did it - that has to count for something!!

I vote Bart Starr
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