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Default Ending where it started.

This is the final entry for Bugs and Bass Great Bay 2009. It has been a good season. Not great but not poor. It was somewhere in the middle. Lobsters never showed up in force and the pogies never came. But I consider any time on the water well spent.

With all the traps in the barn and the Yamaha feeling back to normal I took the final ride of 2009 up river to my home port launch. But before I made the ride up the river I had to take a trip to the trestle, pass underneath, salute Great Bay and thank God for his blessings.

It was a beautiful ride up the Squamscott River. These are cell phone pictures.

Rte 108 Bridge and Chapman's Landing.

Newfields, NH and its public launch and mooring field.

The OX Bow Cut and Rte 101 Bridge.

The view coming into Exeter, NH. The revolutionary war Powder House on the left at the point of trees.

And last but not least back where it all started this spring. In my hometown, Exeter, NH.

Thank you all for your views and comments. God willing I'll see you in Bug and Bass Great Bay 2010. Thank you for coming along.
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