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We arrived at Adams Point boat launch at 4:15am. Had we been earlier we wouldn't have had enough water to launch - so it seems, don't know for sure, but at 4:15 we had enough anyway. Headed up to Goat Island area with the tide coming in. No action or activity till about 6am. Then we started noticing the birds were working an area, as we got closer we could see why. Schoolies busting the surface everywhere. My buddy Bill was throwing a top water jitterbug type thing and I was throwing a broken back rapala. He hooked up and they weren't liking what I was throwing so I switched over to a 9" sluggo and now I was getting some action. We ended up catching about 6 fish from 22" to 27" over about an hours worth of time. Good times with a medium action 6 foot rod!!! There were plenty more fish all around us, they just didn't really like what we were offering. Headed back to the launch at around 8:30. Beautiful morning out there, no one around which is more my style rather than Joppa.

Question for you folks: We saw the bass busting the surface, some came clean out of the water, one practically jumped in the boat, but we never saw any baitfish jumping out of their way. What in the world were they feeding on? The birds sure appreciated the bass' efforts. Was it sand eels? What can I buy or use that looks like a sand eel?

Can't wait to do it again!

I'll post some pics when they are sent to me.
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