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Default Re: Knot Instruction.

Originally Posted by Surfnut
but does your line twist up from not useing a swivel?
I fish at night and I cant see it. LOL
As long as the line goes on the spool properly the line twist is not a problem.
I usually use that knot to minimize hardware so I can ~ tie directly to the plug, mono to flouro or for braids to flouro.
I then tie a rapala knot in the tag end of the flourocarbon to the split ring or jighead. ++
With spinners and spoons a swivel is necessary.
* I dont know a better name for it so Ill refer to the knot as the granny /clinch
++ (I use the *granny/clinch also for shock leaders - mono to mono)
Lower profile through the last guide.
~ I use a duo lock on the metal lipped swimmers like the Danny.
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