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Default Re: Plug Modifications

Shallow running lipped swimmers
Cordell Red Fin, Rebel Wind-cheater, Bomber Magnum Long A, Gag's Grabber Mambo Minnow, assorted Yo-Zuri baits - to name a few

Bassdozers Super-Vee Waker.

There is a modification that you can perform on Red Fins that will make them into a special plug - that will make them wake on the surface. I would add that this is especially wicked if there is a flat surface on the water - either flat and still, or flat and moving. It is less necessary to wake the surface when there is swirling current, rain, wind, chop, waves, rips, whitewater, backwash, water sweeping over bars or humping past jetty tips, etc.
But here's something original. You can take some of the plastic lip lures just mentioned - especially the Red Fins - melt the lips and bend them back, thereby making super-wakers! Just take a cigarette lighter, turn the flame way down low, and hold it near the base of the lip where it joins the body of the bait. Better to heat it too slowly than too quickly. This works better on the solid-colored plastics. The chrome-painted ones have a tendency to bubble up a bit. Just heat gently, and use a flat stick like a paint stirrer or straight-edged ruler to slowly bend the lip back towards the tail a bit. Works on the 5 1/2 or 7 inch sizes. This modifed bait works on those super quiet nights when everything is flat and during those first and last hours of the tide when everything is moving slowly. This one almost twists and turns in place, causing explosive strikes.
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