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If I were you I'd lose the wire leader to start with. You don't need it for stripers and your chances will be better. I'd stick with Flourocarbon or monofilament leaders, unless you're on top of a toothy bluefish blitz.

If you're fishing from a bridge of any height, please make sure you think about how you're going to land a decent fish if you happen to catch one. There's a bridge I drive past all the time, probably 25 feet down to the water, and I see guys standing there fishing with nothing but a rod and reel. I've caught some big fish under that bridge from a boat,,, much larger than they could lift 25 feet with nothing but a Wal-Mart combo. I've been down stream from the bridge and watched dead short stripers float past me after some googan tossed it back off the top of the bridge.

Personally,, if I can't get close enough to the water to reach down and grab a large fish with my hand, or revive an exhausted fish I intend to release, I find somewhere else to fish.

I don't know how high your bridge is,, but please make sure you think it through and plan ahead.
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