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Default Re: Organizing the get together.

Man oh man oh man...........................
Here is the tentative plan on my end...........................
I will be leaving my house at approx. 9 Am. I will have my charcoal grill/ smoker lashed into the truck with plenty of charcoal and hardwood.
I have change my grill contribution to my world famous slap yo' mamma chicken thighs marinated for 3 days and you will wanna slap yo mamma after eating them for not cookin that good for you when you was growin up!
I will be posting signs along the non highway part of the route to the tail.
I will be at the tail approx 10:30 getting the grill going.
Roc, I can not wait to meet and fish with you as well as the rest of the folks coming this way! I was going to set up an Eel supply but I guess you got that covered.Jim, if you make it, I will be doubly excited.
For any new to the terrain guy's, I will be giving a seminar on rocky coast striper fishing complete with dry erase board! I will be posting a recommended gear list as we get closer to this looking better every day event.
So far around 20, and climbing.
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