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Default Re: Night fishing for river/dam Stripers?!?

Do you guys make a surface lurer? I think the Grizz4 would work, but I like to throw a surface bait on those really dark nights. Seems like the darker the night the more agressive the fish are for top water baits. I throw a jointed red fin or thunderstick for surface and a rapala sliver, which goes about 3-5 ft below the surface.
If you do go just get to your spot before dark, so you can get the feel of what your casting into. I don't use anything but a small flashlight to "spotlight" the bank I'm about to cast. I also put my boat paralell to the bank. One person casts straight out the front and one straight out the back. You'll hear the shad start spawning right before night fall. Then usually the stripes come in about 30 mins. later. If you hear shad swirling, but no sounds that resemble someone hitting the water with a big board, you need to move and find another spot. If the fish are there you will definately hear them. Don't waste time fishing in an area where you don't hear the stripes feeding.
Also, if you find one of the many rocky deep points that are just about everywhere in the lake, you can usually catch a few walleyes as well. Not as much fun as stripes, but a whole lot better eating! I think this year will be a good one for the shad spawn. Hope to see ya out there!
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