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Default Re: Night fishing for river/dam Stripers?!?

Mepps, yes, I work for/with Smack Tackle,,so I pretty much limit my lure selection to the Gizz4 and the prototypes we're developing.
I'm sure going to try to get down for the Spring night fishing season, Todd and Scott of Smack like to live bait during day, rest and take it easy unless the bite is on.
Then cast a night, just like you said, from boat to shore, Todd owns the Smack boat, I have a 15' kayak, that I really want to land a nice striper from.
As for lights, we experienced at the Jamestown Marina dock, shad under the light about 2am, and as Todd threw a Gizz4 outside the area of light, 2 large stripers actually fought over the Gizz4, came right into the light.
It was awesome!
He didn't get a hook up, but I'd think it's worth a try if nothing else is working, attract bait, and the big boys are right behind them.
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