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Arkansas River: Charley?s Hidden Harbor near Oppelo said flow from Lock 9 is 6,000 cubic feet per second with a headwater of 285.24 and a tailwater of 264.65. Strong winds and the deer season combined to keep many anglers off the river. White bass and Kentucky bass are biting well along the windblown banks. Stripers are running with the whites, so be prepared for a fight when casting to schooling whites on the banks. Try Rat-L-Traps in pearl or Smokey Joe. Catfishing is good on the upstream side of the jetties using whole shad and nightcrawlers.

Arkansas River (Little Rock area): Hatchet Jack?s Sport Shop said stripers are biting well on large minnows and chartreuse split-tailed grubs beneath the hydro plant. Crappie are biting well around the Burns Park area. The best bet for the crappie is a minnow or a jig. Catfish are fair on nightcrawlers fished near the main river channel.
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