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Hi there! First of all, WELCOME!!! I'm in Fall River, MA, which is right across the RI line and have shore fished the Tiverton, RI area a little this spring, but primarily the south coast of Mass. The season here has been a little slow getting started due in part to the crappy weather we've been having and the water being a bit slow to warm up. By the time you get here we hope things should be heating up pretty well. This is my first season fishing here, and it's been pretty slow for me so far, but I'll happily pass on what I've learned.

Many guys around here have very good luck fishing for stripers with fishfinder bottom rigs, 3 to 5 oz bank sinker, about a 4-5 foot leader, and a 6/0 or 7/0 hook, using sea clams or chunks of herring/bunker/mackeral, etc. for bait. Live eels are also popular bait. Depending on the conditions Storm Wild Eye shad have been producing well, along with top water poppers. Make sure your lures are designed for saltwater or the hooks will rust pretty quick. For stripers, many around here will spool their reels with approx. 30 pound test braided line and use a heavier clear mono or flourocarbon leader. Most places you'll want to avoid fishing at low tide, but a couple hours before high tide to a couple hours after should produce pretty well, but that all depends on where exactly you are fishing. Some places you'll do OK at low tide.

For Blues you'll want to make sure that you use a wire leader as they tend to chew right through monofilament. I hear that surface lures work well, along with relatively shallow running lures/jigs. Watch for the gulls congregating looking for leftovers, telltale of a feeding frenzy. They say that many times larger Stripers will hang out under a school of Blues to catch the scraps, so if you encounter this, you could try a deeper running lure/jig to get underneath the feeding Blues. Stripers can tend to be shy of wire leaders, so it's pretty much one or the other.

There are several guys on here who have fished the RI shoreline extensively and could probably, more accurately point you in a good direction to find some action. I'm sure they'll pipe up soon.

Welcome aboard and good luck!!
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