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food for thought as it is not out of the realm of possibility a shark can cruise the flats in search of forage. in this video it shows the man getting spooked and as he flinches, it is all the shark needed to know it was alive and a possible meal....
remember that even though we are not fishing in shark infested waters like the florida and south america/australia etc waters, the thing to know is that in murky muddy water - a shark has limited visibility so bumping into your legs and having this happen is not of high probability but, i forecast it happening at a flat i fish in the late summer months when the water is churning up murky at seguine point. seldom is the thought as we fish but as bluefish bump into my legs i cringe but know it is unlikely THEY will take a bite but knowing if a bigger fish hits my leg i won't move a muscle as it will poke at you like you will see here...

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