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Originally Posted by zimno1 View Post
You have a wading belt but it is around your waist correct? Well it should be higher around your chest area to let the least amount of water into them as possible should you go down, as you are in most cases always up to your chest in water at one point or another for any given outing (which is a bad idea but we are invincible remember?) phew! run on sentence! A belt up on your chest is goofy looking yes" but bear in mind when you venture out on your own you need every advantage for safety at your disposal. Many a life has been lost to vanity and ignorance. Can you say KORKERS? what>? no safety footwear? better get some!

Know the limits to fast water and turbulent surf. Once you are above the knees in water you run the risk of getting jammed up. You become more buoyant and have considerably less traction here. Keep your body sideways to the current or surf, you don't want the force of waves hitting you directly face forward and especially facing the beach with your back to the surf. There is a point where you will know your limits so adhere to your instincts and not at the prospect of an "oh so close body of fish". Lean into current or surf a bit as if you lose your balance the surf or current will push you upright instead of OFF YOUR FEET but this is a balance issue which will vary with each set of circumstance and individual height/weight/ and coordination factor. leaning forward into anything is just as bad if you are not in a good position to begin with.
as the day wears on you think you are ready for anything when truth be told your anything but. You could be more fatigued and are most suceptable(?) to accident or injury or both. Fighting current and surf all day can take it;s toll (especially on us older folks) yea, i am gettin there. Plan your routes to avoid obstacles that are here in this thread and be safe. Any areas that have less strenuous wading and footing can still be hazardous.
These were the 2 best paragraphs. You really covered it all, great advice here. Some people think they know enough, and are too advanced to read this. That could put you in the cemetary. Hard to fight Mother Nature and win, the sea is is a jealous mistress.

Zim, ever think of breaking down the ramblings into smaller paragraphs? My eyes hurt!
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