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Default Re: Bugs and Bass 2014

As a striper fisherman I love the Super Moon. As a lobster trapper I hate them. The Super Moon tides are huge. They flood the marsh and carry Eel Grass, Sea Lettuce, Rock Weed, Algae and mud as they exit the Bays.

After checking the first twelve traps today there were nine keepers in the cooler. I caught the berried calico female again. Her suitors were all shorts. How long before she lays her eggs?

The last three traps were set in 40+ feet of water. I had to wait an hour before low tide before they popped up. There must have been fifty pounds of algae on the line and another fifty pounds of crap in each trap. Sadly the wait was not worth it because those three traps had no bugs.

I took three traps back to my hero or zero spot. The week after the full moons see much more lobster movement.

Today's catch was highlighted with more hard shell than new shell lobsters.

Nothing beats the taste of a fresh Great Bay hard shell lobster.

Did you read the line above??

Mmmmm is all I can say!!
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