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Default Re: Happy Fathers Day

I never saw this thread over the weekend but happy father's day to you to, all the other dad's here at and elsewhere. I was fortunate enough to have my daughter with me to witness her first ever striper caught.....I woulda let her reel it in but she was clear at the other end of the jetty. As she was coming back she said to a group of guys (who'd been skunked I later come to find out) so matter-of-factly "Ooooh my daddy caught a striper." one of them says to her "Looks like ur having fish for dinner," to which she replied "That's fine by me." Would have loved her to be the one who reeled it in but seeing the look on her face, especially on Father's Day weekend, was priceless. She is officially HOOKED!!!!!

StriperHyper ~ Will
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