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Default Re: Spinning reels, quality vs. price.

Originally Posted by Kaoma
In Arizona, in the summer time, the temp is 115F. We can literally fry eggs on the sidewalk. Inside the car the temp is easily 160-175F. The only place I can fish is in the local rural lakes or the large reservoire lakes (yes, it has stripers). Not the first time, I put the reel/rod on the ground for 30-45 min and when I came back the reel's but (the yellow plastic at the end of the reel) was warped or the graphite rotor was cracked. It the reel was OK, the plastic reel seat's locking knut was cracked. This may also be to the fact that the reel/ rod gets very hot and I put them in the water to cool off. All those were Shimano, Penn, Quantum reels from $50 to $75. If the reel did not break at the lake, the heat in the car got it. I went to the stores and asked which reel is the best, but since we are a fresh water state, all the reels are limited to that, and are cheap. Did not trust the brands I have lost before and I was looking for something different, special. One friend advised me to look into salt water reels type since they "are" built better. This is how I ended up on this forum after searching the web for a long time. I started to read as much as I can and have learned about the VS and ZB reels. The more I was learning about them, the more I understood the fact that if they are good for the surf and the rocks, they will be good for me. Was not happy about the price but Shimano Stella and Daiwa Saltiga were in the same ball park. What I liked about the VS and ZB is the fact that they are machine made, not cast aluminum, all metal no plastic parts.
I have for sale or trade two reels in very good condition. The reels were never taken to the water. I you want to trade, I am looking for a conventional reel in the range/type of Penn 321GT (left hand crank) and please post /send clear detailed pictures. The reels are Penn Sargus 5000 and Quantum XR60F. The Penn reel has had the rotor ported to allow the water to escape faster and has been powder coated. Reels turn smooth, no problems. If interested, or have more questions, please let me know.
you mentioned before that these reels melted are these the same ones your selling here? , and why would you want a penn gt?, won't that melt too theres plastic on it

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