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Winnemucca Nevada is in Humbolt County. Rye Patch is to the South and adjacent to Humbolt County as is Washoe adjacent to the west.

There are 6 bodies of water in Nevada that hold hybrids. The Nevada state record hybrid striped bass was caught by Dan Hannum in 2004 in Lohantan reservoir, it weighed 18 and 1/2 pounds. Lohantan is in Churchill County / Lohantan Valley. The record holder uses a surface plug in shallow waters. He broke his own record a couple of times. Live minnows and 6 inch carp (where legal) are also used. LMB fishermen feel that carp introduced where they don't already reside messes with the beds. Drifting live bait off of points of land is favored by the bait fishermen. At all of the lakes trolling flashers and plugs has brought optimum success.

Nevada has been stocking Hybrids since 1973 in to Lohantan, Washoe Lake and Rye Patch Reservoir (Pershing County). South Fork reservoir, and Wild-horse Reservoir have been receiving 4 to 19 inch fingerling's since 2002. There are also hybrid striped bass in the Humbolt River above and below Rye Patch Reservoir. U.S. Interstate 80 follows the Humboldt River. Access is limited to public roads servicing the downstream irrigation.
The state gets financial help for stockings from several sportsman's clubs.
At Lohantan best times are May through October with July and September the best months. Water temps in mid 60's. Early morning and late evenings. Water warms too much mid day. The lake has no shade so the fish move deep into the thermocline.

Lake Mead and Mohave hold striper's as does parts of the Colorado River below Davis Dam.
Striped bass average about 14 inches with a range of 5 to 34 inches.
Several striped bass were caught in 2008 ranging in the 28 to nearly 30 pound range.
Boating access can be found on the Nevada side at Sportsman's Park in Laughlin, Big Bend State Park and the Avi Casino.
There are several boating access points on the Arizona side. Shoreline access is available throughout most of the 12 miles of river in Nevada.
Camping is available primarily on the Arizona side. There is some RV camping on the Nevada side. Laughlin offers inexpensive hotels. Things to Consider: Extreme summer temperatures may reach 115 F.
Limit is 10 trout, 6 largemouth bass, 10 striped bass and 25 catfish.

Here is your Nevada select a species Link form the Nevada department of fish and game.
Hope the info is helpful.
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