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I live in MA, And have been an avid bass fisherman my entire 19 years of life basically lol. But I just bought a kayak and have been spending multiple hours on here reading every thread I think you guys have stickyd, about everything. Im not a noob for freshwater bass, and bass are bass, so im fairly confident in producing bass.

I plan to go kayaking near Barrington and warren near white church bridge and also further down the road on 114 and Belcher cove, my buddy has a loft right on the water so i usually just go chill at his house after and fish the cove right behind his house.

I went twice so far at low tide and spotted multiple rocks, muscle beds, and to check out the bridges. I threw a squid popper with a teaser in front the first 2 times out both times i went around 7pm-10pm water was beautiful but still no luck. Not sure if its still too cold down here, or the bass just arnt here yet? This is my first real season of striper fishing by my self in my kayak.

But any input you could give me, I would greatly appreciate it, I know I have to put my time in and I have.

But Im going to try trolling the shallows with plastic eels, and if that doesnt work im going to use a jig with an ell attached. Hopefully this will produce for me the next time I go out later this week?

The water is fairly shallow and I have seen alot of rock beds, and muscle beds it looks like great ambush points.

But again, any recommendations would be appreciated. And thank you in advance to anyone that chimes in..
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