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Default Re: My Attempt at the Bucktail :P

put your jig in a vise if you have one. tie your thread around the neck of the jig working back toward the hookshank. take your first color and get desired length and cut the forward end straight and neat. place the hair down on an angle to where you want it (holding the bucktail up and the tying end down on the jig. make a loose wrap around the bucktail working forward and after three turns start to tighten up on the bodkin working the thread forward toward the eye. you can fix the hair placement easier after several turns as you go. hope this is not confusing as i tend to have bad grammar. after you do the first section take a pic and let me see what you've done. use mono thread or white/chartreuse. that dark thread looks hideous. if you must use it, take some red nail polish and color it red. but after a while you will have some serious jigs my friend.

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