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Default 'Luring them in', but no bite

I had a first today. I have been reading Zeno Hromin's book "surfcasting with lures" and he says sometimes if there's nothing doin, go for the bigest craziest off the wall, most annoying noise making lure you've got.

I recently purchased a creek chub pikie, it seems to be about 12 to 14 inches long with giant treble hooks. You'd probably laugh if you looked it, but it reminds of a jointed rapala, which is what I use to great effect in fresh water with bass and pikerel.

Any ways, I'm using the enormous jointed lure that wiggles nicely, and makes a nice splash on the surface this morning off a rock wall in some deep water. The third cast, I got the lure right up to the wall and was ready to pull it up when "splash". Some big bugger (I'm guessing) followed it all the way in, and then got a look at me, and decided to split. I've never had a fish chase in my presentation, and then say "nah, that's no good"

What did I do wrong, and how can I do right next time?
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