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Default Update to "Pouring Soft Plastics".

Just wanted to give everyone an update to last weeks post.
I ordered the Lee 24oz. pot, a gallon of plastic, one mold, some color, and a couple of accs., from Lurecraft. Total cost was just under $150. I set the pot on a baking pan, on top of the stove, under the vent hood, unhooked the smoke detector (didn't forget to plug it back in), turned the exhaust fan on, and got down to buisness. I had no problem mixing the color into the plastic, and it took about 25 minutes to come up to temperature, making sure to stir frequently. The plastic poured well, and after a couple of pours, I knew just how far to fill the mold. After letting the mold cool for 4 minutes, I easily worked the lure out of the mold, laying them out on a paper plate. They look exactly like the ones I was paying 39 cents a piece for, and they only cost 10 cents a piece to make. Took about 2 hours to make 3 dozen, but there was alot of down time waiting for the mold to cool. I'm going to order 5 more molds, so that I can make the most of production time. Take that Boaters World !
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