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Originally Posted by Pj1199 View Post
This will be my first year as a full-time surf caster. Any knowledge to be shared on some good spots to hit?
I lived in Manhattan from 1981 until 1991 and would take the A train out to Beach 25th St. Far Rockaway occasionally. It's a short walk to the beach from the train.

Recently I returned to Queens, primarily for the Belmont Stakes race. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dunk some plugs while there. I was able to hit the surf twice. One evening (6/10/16) I was out for about 2 hours and I saw 2 or 3 nice size bluefish caught by others. One guy fishing with bunker off the bottom pulled in at least a couple of huge sea robins, for what they are worth. The weather was perfect. Two days later I put in 6 hours without even a bite. I used plugs, spoons (silver and yellow), and frozen bunker. The wind was tremendous, gusts up to 50 MPH stirring up the bottom and causing the sand to blow to the point where it stung at times when it hit me. A guy I spoke to who was carrying a nice sized blue home, in a clear plastic bag, told me he hooked 20+ blues over a 6 hour period a few days earlier.

I stumbled upon a smoke/lottery store that sells frozen squid and bunker as well as tackle. It's located almost across the street from Redfern Ave. and the fish market and "We Sell Bait" signs are displayed prominently outside the store. Finally there is a cafe located right on the boardwalk at Beach 17th St. called the Dredsurfer Grill. Locals (Fire Dept. personnel) were eating there when I visited and I've read good ratings on other internet sites (Yelp). This is a perfect place to grab a cold one on a hot day after hours of fishing.
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