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Originally Posted by JakeF View Post
The length of the shock leader depends on the length of your rod and how much of it you would like to have past the tip of your rod during the cast. In order for it to work like it should, it needs to be long enough that it is wrapped around the spool several times during the cast.

I'm not too partial to any particular brand when it comes to leader material. Most I've tried are pretty decent. I always prefer to tie direct whenever possible. Every piece of hardware you add to your rig is both another point of possible failure and also another place for weeds to get caught. Uni knots work fine,,,, just tie them carefully and make sure they cinch without crisscrossing. With 6 ounces of lead plus the weight of your bait, I'd go with the 50lb test shock leader. 40lb test would probably be fine with 3oz of lead, but I'm sure you don't want to have to change your shock leader if you decide to up your lead weight while fishing.
Great info. I'll use my judgement on the amount of leader to use on my 10 foot pole. I'll also use the 40lb leader for my fluke pole.

Getting pretty excited to try out my new stuff and this new info. Got some more new gear coming in today, and going out to buy a few more things after work to get ready for Saturday morning down at Seaside Park. Sucks that none of my friends are into fishing so I have to go at it alone but what can ya do?

Thanks again for the info, I will be sure to put it all to good use.
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