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Default Re: Welcome To All The New Guys!!!

Thanks for the excellent site! I'm a total newbie. One of the younger guys interested in fishin. This site will be an invaluable tool as I seek to learn about the pursuit. I'm just starting out - grew up fishing freshwater mostly bass and trout. Every summer would go down to Indian River Bay with my dad and brothers and my uncle would take us out on his boat to fish for flounder, weakfish, and seabass. Once I got a little older, we started fishin for others, like tog. Now, I rarely have a chance to get out on the ocean.

I'm headed to Acadia National Park, in early September and I plan to do some 'research' in the field - put in a little sweat and blood. What I've read here doesn't sound too promising for stripers in Maine this year, but I'm not about to give up before trying. I've been reading up and will keep doing so - thanks for all the good info! If anyone has any specific advice or any particular parts of the blog that they can point to that address fishing conditions in maine this year, please give a shout. I want to figure stuff out for myself, but I will only have 9 days or so up there so I want to maximize my time. My family's going on a camping trip there but I am willing to drive a ways if I can get to the fish. I plan to be shore and jetty fishin - but if there are any recommended trips out that way, that's another thing I'm tryin to research.

Tight lines all and thanks for this site!

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