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I agree with this. Have any of you ever been to Europe? Whenever I go to Europe, The Netherlands in particular, about once every 2 years, or more, I see more people biking in 1 day then I have in 2 weeks in America. of course, they have a "road" next to the sidewalk, specifically for biking, complete with lanes and all.

Also, I see 1 obese person the whole time, usually about 2 weeks. I also see more people on the streets, walking around, stuff like that, than in America.

Another thing is that the Teachers and such get paid more than Lawyers and such also. Less crime - I believe its guilty until proven innocent, which makes more sense.

Plus, European's get more vacations - 4-6 weeks of paid vacation. And they use them too.

They have less stress.

The Euro is curerntly worth somewhere around 16 cents more than the dollar.

Perosnally, I don't think America is so great, at all. Of course there is some awesome perks, IE the awesome fishing and such. But of course there is downsides too.

PLUS THOSE BASTARDS VOTED TO DRILL IN ALASKA'S WILDLIFE REFUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW, I am so angry about that, after donating 50 bucks to the protection thing 5 weeks ago... errrr......
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