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Default Plug Off

O.K. here's another idea for all the plug builders here.

I get all the white cedar I can haul from a local fence company. Up to 8X8.
I'll supply all the pre-cut blanks. Anyone that wants in gets 12 squares 1 3/4 X 1 3/4 10 inches long. We each make 12 differant plugs. Swimmers and surface. 6 of each. 2 of your swimmers need to be jointed. All your plugs are the same paint scheme. At the summit next March a table will be set up with all the entries to be judged and voted on by the attendies. Prior to the table judging all the plugs will be tested where ever open water can be found for swimmability, and action.
Winner gets a custom 10 foot Lami BSB 2M, already being built.
I can mail out the blanks or deliver them at the gatherings if you are going to make it to one or more.
You keep your plugs or we can auction them off for future awards, Ideas?
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