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Default Re: NO Fish " I caught more from shore than on my boat"

Originally Posted by smittyballz View Post
I am from weymouth going out to deer island fish.... Thanks Roccus for the words of encouragement. I am def. still patient I will sit for hours and hours if I know I am in the right spot. I do agree though. I have a friend that wants to go way out away from the fish and instead i like to stay closer to the islands. Is anyone out there catching a lot of fish around boston harbor/ quincy on a boat??
What times are you fishing?
What are you using for bait?
Where are you fishing?

My best advice that I've learned so far this year is to make sure you are in some moving water. Those lines should be tight behind the boat. From what I understand, the bass like moving water. If the lines are curling up and the water is stagnant, move to a better place. Reading the water is so key, something I never really started to appreciate until I was the captain of the boat....I havent caught much, but when I have it's been in those type of conditions (and super early in the morning as well, heh).

Also, really think about investing in a GPS with the BlueCharts - I have a handheld Garmin device, and it is so great at helping me find those structured areas to fish. I'm not the best at using a depth finder to match myself up with the chart, so the GPS has been a godsend.

BTW, I fish around your area as well - My boat is in Hewitt's over in Hingham.
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