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Default Re: NO Fish " I caught more from shore than on my boat"

Switching to a boat can be frustrating at first. I gave up many of my old haunts or had to learn to fish them differntly when i got on the boat.

One thing I recomend... lots of reading and research. I especially like 'On the Water magazine' used in conjuntion with Google. OTW drops a lot of names, and with google you can track down location, tips, etc. If you work at it you can find some excellent tidbits of info about places you might want to try out. Simple example and no secrets here... I had no idea where scorton ledge was or how to fish, it even though i had heard of it many times. On the water had some info and google earth showed me the way :) Net result, I got some decent fish, learned a new method of fishing, and had some good fun.

Net, my catch rate is about the same as from shore, but my keeper sized fish rate is up signifigantly. Although, I got skunked for the first time since May 20th on teusday evening, but my budy fishing from shorein the river pulled in 6 schoolies. Shit happens...I'd rather taget (and miss) big fish in deeper water than hunt river rats while soaking bait.
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