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Not me, it was Brian Biedinger a friend, fellow club member and a hell of a good fisherman.

I don't do the bridge thing, yes there's some great fishing to be had but there are a lot of negative issues that go along with it.

It gets pretty crowded up there, something I don't tolerate very well and some of the crew that frequents that spot, to put it gently, aren't a lot of fun to have to put up with. Catch a fish, next thing you know they're climbing all over you.

Most of all it's the way you have to land the fish that puts me off. You clip a bridge gaff to your line and send it down, snag the fish and haul em up - not much chance for a successful release if the fish is under the size limit. It's not too bad now that we're back to 2 @ 28 because with the correct gear you just reel a short up. When it was one at 28 and the second at 34 we were seeing some really terrible waste. You can't winch a 34" fish up with just your rod n reel so guys were using the bridge gaffs then dropping them back in with huge holes in em when they were short.
I have real problems with that.

By the way, see this -

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