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Default Jeff - fish-aholic

Thanks for responding,the spring bite on artificial baits is great.What is really cool is when the water temp gets above 75 and the big fish stack up in the creeks where ever there are cold water springs.June thru Aug. we catch fish between 20to30 lbs. more often than not on shad 8 inches to 14 inches.We catch these fish in 2 to 6 feet of water in creeks that you can cast across with ease.When they hit it is like they are shot out of a cannon.It makes for some great summer action.Our goal is to catch a state record salty.Alabama rec.just over 55 lbs.May not ever get it but it sure will be fun trying.If your ever down in Bama look me up I love to hunt the illusive salt water stripe in our lakes and creeks. F.K.Howell -Keith.
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